Monday, August 25, 2014

Broomweed — grass-high, golden Prairie wildflower

Broomweed   ©  SB
The wind gusts grew stronger, and the prairie flowers I'd been trying to photograph tossed back and forth.

But at my feet, protected in low grass, Broomweed — a tiny golden wildflower — stayed (relatively) still.

Broomweed is so tiny and this stand was so small that I hadn't even noticed the golden, grass-high flowers until the wind gusts came.

And by grass-high, I mean the height of the grass in the mown pathway on which I was walking, not the height of natural prairies grasses left free to grow...

As for these flowers, each are only about 3 mm high.

Sometimes what seems like a obstacle can be an advantage...I'm glad I looked down and saw these deep yellow Prairie wildflowers, with their dark narrow leaves.

Close-up of Broomweed flowers. © SB

View of Broomweed plants.  © SB

Prairie Wildflower: Broomweed
Location: Near Regina, Saskatchewan,  Canada.  
Photo Date: August 22, 2014.  


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