Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Woolly Plantain: Look carefully, or you'll miss it

Woolly Plantain flowers fall into the class of teeny blooms that you will miss if you blink or sneeze (for those of us with hay fever) as you walk by. But look closely, and those feathery stalks are tipped with clearly defined flowers.

Woolly Plantain. Copyright © Shelley Banks. All Rights Reserved.
A stalk of Woolly Plantain flowers.
From a distance, white fuzz. Up close, delicate wild flowers. © SB

But don't trust your eyes... 

There may be flowers where you don't see them at first — and what looks real, may not belong. 

(Like those lovely rosettes of leaves, below... They do not form the base of these two stalks of Woolly Plantain. The pairs of slim, elongated leaves beside the stalks belong to the Woolly Plantain, instead. But the symmetry was so lovely, I couldn't resist this shot.) 

Woolly Plantain. Copyright © Shelley Banks. All Rights Reserved.
Woolly Plantain, Grasslands National Park.
(The rosettes are not the leaves - the two pairs of thin leaves belong, instead.) © SB 

Prairie Wildflower: Woolly Plantain, or Pursh's Plantain
Location: Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada
Photo Date: June 14, 2016


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