Sunday, August 4, 2013

Silverleaf Psoralea: Blue Flowers on Silver Stalks

Tiny deep blue Silverleaf Psoralea flowers are among the most dramatic prairie wildflowers, especially when plants are massed together in a silver haze.

Beautifully, amazingly, the flowers really are blue. Well, with a purplish tinge, perhaps, but primarily a lovely deep, dark blue. Silverleaf Psoralea flowers are also less than one eighth of an inch long, so the silver leaves are the best guide to locating this native plant.

Blue, blue, blue: Silverleaf Psoralea flowers. © SB 

Silverleaf Psoralea plant. © SB 

Prairie Wildflower: Silverleaf Psoralea   
Photo Location: Condie Nature Refuge (near Regina), Saskatchewan

Photo Date: July 31, 2013


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