Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Leafy Musineon: Early Yellow Prairie Flowers

Leafy Musineon, or Leafy Wild Parsley, is one of the earliest spring wild flowers in Saskatchewan.

The flower heads are very small: When I was out looking for Prairie Crocuses, I had to carefully search the ground to find it. But what a delight to see this native plant blooming, bright yellow among the dirt and rocks and dried grasses.

Leafy Musineon. Photo © Shelley Banks
Leafy Musineon: Leafy Wild Parsley.
Tiny flowers open. © SB
Leafy Musineon. Photo © Shelley Banks
View of entire Leafy Musineon plant, with leaves and visitors. © SB
The compound flower head is only a couple of inches — about five centimetres  across, so each individual flower is indeed very tiny! 

Prairie Wildflower: Leafy Musineon (Leafy Wild Parsley; Musineon divaricatum

Location: Above the Qu'Appelle Valley, near Southey, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Photo Dates: May 12, 2013. 


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