Friday, March 15, 2013

Sticky Purple Geranium: Cypress Hills

Burst of glowing purple:
Sticky Geranium flower. © SB
More flowers of summer: Sticky purple geraniums, photographed last July in Saskatchewan's Cypress Hills.

(And the flowers, leaves and stems really are sticky, and covered with fine hairs, too.)

We found these in a small meadow by a wooded area near a stream. I think they were at the end of their bloom time, as few were bright and full.

Perhaps another year I'll be there earlier in the summer, and see more...

Till then, a warm glow of pink; memories of heat and sunshine.

A stalk of Sticky Geranium flowers, one of the few clusters we saw. © SB

Prairie Wildflower: Sticky Geranium 
Location: Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Photo Dates: July 30, 2012.   


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