Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gaillardia Flower with Fritillary Butterfly

Butterflies and wildflowers — Fritillary on Gaillardia, in this case. Two of the best parts of a prairie summer. (Along with, of course, the heat that helps both thrive.)

This gold-toned Fritillary Butterfly slowly circled the crimson centre of the yellow Gaillardia, drawing food from its numerous disk florets.

I found these along the Ecotour Road through Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan last summer, when I stopped to take pictures of a mass of prairie wildflowers.

Lunchtime at Grasslands - find a wild flower, eat. ©SB

What is this: Gaillardia flower, with Fritillary Butterfly. 
Location: Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Photo Dates: June 21, 2012.   


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