Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saskatchewan's Western Red Lily

Next spring, I'll find and photograph Western Red Lilies while flame-red blossoms crown their stems.

These prairie wildflowers grow in meadows and the woods. They bloom in June. But in June, I'm tick-avoidant, staying far from places where wood ticks lurk on leaves and in long grasses, not straying to wild places. (I am a coward, not for fear of Lyme disease, but because I don't like feeling their dry arachnid claws, crawling, crawling, up my skin...)

Maybe I need cultivated lawns where these native plants — Saskatchewan's floral emblem — can thrive... Government House, perhaps?  

Till then, this faded dream of flowers, one last lingering lily, dying in the sun:

Prairie Wild
flower: Western Red Lily (Wood Lily)
Location: Condie Nature Refuge, near Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Photo Date: June 30, 2012.  


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