Monday, July 2, 2012

Prairie Everlasting: Antennaria campestris

Prairie everlasting © SB
Crisp, creamy Prairie Everlasting flowers are tiny, with dense, branched clusters of flowers and bracts less than an inch across.

It's no surprise, then, that the first time I walked through this area, I walked right past these prairie wildflowers. (No surprise to me, at least...)

Not only am I slightly visually challenged, but I was looking for large, showy wildflowers — Gaillardia or Prairie Roses.

And these dry, low-growing florets were almost hidden in the dried grasses at the edge of the path

Wildflowers Across the Prairies says there are about a dozen different kinds of everlasting/Antennaria in this area. 

I've seen only one other kind so far, a kind of Pussy toes at Grasslands National Park. 


Prairie Wildflower:  Prairie Everlasting (Antennaria campestris
Location: Condie Nature Refuge, north of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Photo Date: July 1, 2012


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