Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wild Parsley: Leafy Musineon

As someone who loves words, I sometimes wonder if my interest in prairie wildflowers may not be partly because of their names.

Wild parsey... I can see where that name comes from. The feathered stalks of this plant remind me of its oh-so-different namesake in the garden. But Leafy Musineon? Is there an unleafy one? What does it all mean?
The genus name, Musineon, is the Greek name for some members of the Carrot Family in the Old World. The species name, divaricatum, probably refers to the divergent rays of the flower clusters. — Jennings, Prairie Beauty
Ah, thanks!
Leafy Musineon, aka wild parsley © SB 

Prairie Wildflower: Leafy Musineon (Wild Parsley) 
Location: Valley near Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Photo Date: April 14, 2012. 


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