Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Prairie Sunflower: Helianthus petiolaris

Prairie Sunflower
In early summer, stalks and leaves vastly outnumber the flowers on wild Prairie Sunflower plants.

Several of the Sunflower plants we saw in July were topped only by one single bloom.

(Given the number of buds, though, I suspect that as summer rolled into August and even early September, the ratio of flowers to leaves on these prairie wildflowers changed.)

Prairie Sunflowers grow well in dry sandy soils, reaching heights of up to three feet.

Brown-centred sunflowers, up to about four inches across, provide a cheery splash of colour on the landscape.

Prairie Sunflower blowing in the wind
at Grasslands National Park

Single Prairie Sunflower plant,
just coming into flower. 

Prairie Wildflower: Prairie Sunflower  
Location: Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada
Photo Date: July 26-29, 2011. 


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