Friday, May 11, 2012

Prairie Crocus: First blooms of spring

Can you see the Prairie Crocus?
Hint: One third of the way up,
then slightly right of centre.  © SB
First, snow left the hillsides. And the Prairie Crocus bloomed.

And then, the snow returned, burning the fragile lilac petals of this prairie wildflower before it melted away.

Many of the Prairie Crocuses we found on the hillside this spring bore the mark of that cold burn, petal tips withered, but the full flowers still abundantly beautiful.

What's not to love about this dusty, furry life that bursts (almost hidden) from dull straw?

We walked this valley and this hill, looking for Prairie Crocus and at first saw none — and then we saw them everywhere around us.

I love these flowers for their rich violet tinge and open yellow glow. I love them for their furry stalks and the way they nestle, hide in straw.

I dislike them for the ticks I sometimes find inside them, or that jump on me from the grass if I kneel or lie down for closer angles. (So I don't...) Our ticks are mostly harmless, but... yuck! I do not like them, do not want to be bitten!

Prairie Crocus, I like — first harbinger of spring.

Open blooms of Prairie Crocus  © SB  
The newer blooms are a richer violet;close-up, hairy stalks © SB   
A cluster of Prairie Crocus,
tips slightly burnt
© SB   

Prairie Wildflower: Prairie Crocus 
Location: Valley near Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Photo Date: April 14, 2012. 


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