Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wildflower Display: Grasslands National Park

Val Marie, Saskatchewan: Scarlet Mallow, Low Everlasting, Yellow Umbrellaplant, Gaillardia, Goat's Beard, Lilac-Flowered Beardtongue...

Because they're beautiful and if I don’t record these prairie wildflowers from Grasslands, I'll forget their names...

Scarlet Mallow — a teeny red bloom:

Scarlet Mallow
Scarlet Mallow, © SB 

Low Everlasting, aka Pussy Toes!

low everlasting  pussytoes
Low everlasting © SB 

Yellow Umbrellaplant, which my park guide is holding still against the wind. (Mormon Metalmark butterflies rely on a related plant, the Branched Umbrellaplant, for food and egg-laying.) 

Branched umbrellaplant
Yellow umbrellaplant © SB

Gaillardia, a striking orange and yellow flower: 

Gaillardia © SB

Goat's Beard, an introduced species that thrives here: 

goat's beard
Goat's beard  © SB

Lilac-Flowered Beardtongue:  

Lilac-flowered beardtongue
Lilac Flowered Beardtongue  © SB

The above identifications are based on my notes / photos from our guided walk. Any errors may be attributed to the wild wind that stole speech, and to my poor handwriting.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grasslands National Park: June Wildflowers

Val Marie, Saskatchewan, Canada. Late June: Waves of prairie wildflowers ripple across Grasslands National Park. Some rustle under the grasses; other swirl boldly in the unrelenting wind.

June wildflowers in Grasslands National Park. © SB 

Lilac-flowered beardtongue.
Three-flowers avens
Prairie Smoke.© SB
Colorado rubberweed.
Wild blue flax.

Tufted fleabane
Early yellow locoweed.
Three-flowered avens —
Prairie smoke.

Moss phlox.
Scarlet mallow.
Pygmy flower.

Silverleaf psoralea.

Sagebrush and gaillardia. Grasslands.© SB

Clustered oreocarya.
Prairie rose.
Colorado rubberweed
Low everlasting — pussytoes.

Goat's beard.
Winter fat.
Pasture sage.

for sage grouse.
Branched umbrellaplant
for butterflies,
Mormon Metalmarks.

Narrow-leaved milk vetch.
Ascending purple milk vetch.
A dozen vetches,

Wildflowers in a wild land. © SB

All of these flowers were in bloom when we visited on the weekend. Except the sages. Although maybe they were, too, and I couldn't tell. (In any case, I liked their names...) The guide told us there are more than 300 kinds of prairie wildflowers in Grasslands National Park. (Of those listed, goat's beard is not native; as I understand it, the rest are.) 


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome to Prairie Wildflowers

Three-flowered Avens /
Prairie Smoke © SB 
Prairie Coneflower © SB

Welcome to Prairie Wildflowers, a blog that showcases photographs of prairie wildflowers from the Grasslands, as well as urban and other areas of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Feedback and comments are welcome, and you can subscribe to this blog using the RSS and e-mail links to the right.


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