Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mystery Prairie Wildflowers from Saskatchewan

Eriogonum flavum, prairie flower. 
aka Yellow Umbrellaplant 
- even if it's not yellow! © SB 
Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada: I am looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-use source for identifying tallgrass prairie wildflowers in and around Grasslands NP.

I own a couple of flower books, and I've borrowed a few from the library.

So far, however, I am a loss to identify several of the wildflowers I've photographed this summer.

UPDATE: Mystery solved! This flower is an Eriogonum flavum, or Yellow Umbrellaplant

The plant at right, with close-up below, for example. The flower tops a stalk that's about three or four inches long, rising without leaves from the woolly leaves at its base. It looks like a composite, with each floret bell-shaped... (What may look like flat petals in the close-up below are tubes... This flower is very small — there is more detail in that photo than I noticed at the time.)

It wasn't uncommon, and I have several shots of what I think is a similar plant. Locations: Dry, high buttes in the Grasslands.

I've yet to see a picture of anything I recognize as being close to this plant, so if you're reading this and recognize it, please let me know!

I have more flower books on order from the library and elsewhere. (Once I have a chance to review them, I'll list some of the ones I found helpful here.)

Perhaps one of the new titles will cover everything I saw in bloom on my two flower (photo) collecting trips to the Grasslands in a simple, elegant way. I remain hopeful...

Close-up of Eriogonum flavum,
© SB 

Prairie Wildflower: Yellow Umbrellaplant, (Eriogonum flavum)
Location: Grasslands National Park, and on butte near Val Marie
Photo Date: July 27, 2011. 


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