Monday, August 15, 2011

Goat's Beard: Seed Globes

Goat's Beard. Regina, © SB 

The symmetry repeats in fractal ghost images of the elements of this Goat's Beard seed globe

Even the partial globe of this prairie wildflower has that same strange symmetry, the individual cups of its seed parachutes far more visible on this than on the full, packed seed head, their whirling parachutes pulling me into the seed centres, their open spun silk cups repeating... 

To me, Goat's Beard is far more beautiful as a huge white globe than when in yellow flower.  

Prairie Wildflower: Goat's Beard
Location: Along Wascana Creek, not far west of Albert Street in Regina, Saskatchewan. 
Date photo taken:  August 13, 2011.  

Partial seed globe - Goat's Beard.   © SB 


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