Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wildflower Display: Grasslands National Park

Val Marie, Saskatchewan: Scarlet Mallow, Low Everlasting, Yellow Umbrellaplant, Gaillardia, Goat's Beard, Lilac-Flowered Beardtongue...

Because they're beautiful and if I don’t record these prairie wildflowers from Grasslands, I'll forget their names...

Scarlet Mallow — a teeny red bloom:

Scarlet Mallow
Scarlet Mallow, © SB 

Low Everlasting, aka Pussy Toes!

low everlasting  pussytoes
Low everlasting © SB 

Yellow Umbrellaplant, which my park guide is holding still against the wind. (Mormon Metalmark butterflies rely on a related plant, the Branched Umbrellaplant, for food and egg-laying.) 

Branched umbrellaplant
Yellow umbrellaplant © SB

Gaillardia, a striking orange and yellow flower: 

Gaillardia © SB

Goat's Beard, an introduced species that thrives here: 

goat's beard
Goat's beard  © SB

Lilac-Flowered Beardtongue:  

Lilac-flowered beardtongue
Lilac Flowered Beardtongue  © SB

The above identifications are based on my notes / photos from our guided walk. Any errors may be attributed to the wild wind that stole speech, and to my poor handwriting.


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